A center for integrative healthcare; a place where an exploration of the inter-connectedness of body, mind and spirit flourishes and is encouraged. Resting between Sunlight Mountain and Glenwood Hot Springs in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.

Offering daily and weekly therapy sessions, monthly residential support-based therapeutic recovery programs customized and transformative for individuals, couples and families. For those seeking healing from addiction, depression, ptsd, trauma, stress, disease, physical and mental exhaustion, we provide wholistic treatment plans consisting of somatic experiencing, medical qigong, acupuncture, lifestyle/nutritional counseling, art therapy, and reconnection with our spiritual nature through the medicine wheel equine model .

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Therapeutic programs

We are uniquely focused on dissolving diagnostic categories. We believe when you break down these diagnostic silos that
tell people they are this-or-that type of person—we connect with each other as humans and dramatically alter our personal trajectories. We create this outcome through experiential, educational and therapeutic programs that give people an alternative to the clinical and medical interventions that have failed them. We also offer like minded organizations a place to hold training seminars and programs. CONTACT US NOW



daily and weekly therapy session


workshops and training


women’s only 30 to 90-day residential
support-based therapeutic recovery program now open 970.930.1019

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One of the most important concepts that informs our practices and priorities with 4Winds is linear vs. circular being. Both are powerful, innate capabilities we share as humans, but today’s modern culture tends to prefer the linear—often to the detriment of human vitality and social capability.  

When we talk about linear thinking, we’re referring to straight-line goal orientation. To many of us, this feels satisfyingly practical and targeted. But when you’re focused on the straight, confined highway in front of you, you compromise your peripheral view—which is to say that you miss most of what’s going on.

Moreover, circular being makes us aware of our true nature as thinking animals, and it allows us to learn from the environments we occupy. The seasons always come around again. Our measurements of years and months are in fact measurements of cycles, not lines. True connection to ourselves and to the earth requires inviting our environment in rather than pushing it away—observing and connecting with the natural cycles rather than artificially creating a track for humanity to go down. 

Remember also that circularity isn’t exactly foreign to business. Cyclical time and even creative destruction in markets all take place on a circular dimension rather than a linear one. 

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The JUNEBUG Project

Help us make an impact— The JuneBug Project is
lead by the participants in the residential recovery program. It serves as a way to bring our community together and provides a safe place to begin your path to healing. The last Saturday of every month is a day to gather, share and learn. Take a breath class, help with farm chores, plant, cultivate and harvest from the gardens. Together we’ll prepare and share a meal and great conversation. Limited to fifteen guests. Contact 970.390.4227 to sign up. #junebugproject


Community members

In gratitude to the organizations that inspire us and the support they provide for so many.