1.) A return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength. 


The vision of 4Winds is to create a sustainable living campus based in health, wellness, education, social justice and responsibility. This intentional community will be a model of sustainable, bio-integrated living practices
in action that are socially responsible, healing, educational, viable and innovative while being aesthetically creative and inspiring. A unique aspect of this campus will be targeting net-zero energy and carbon.

And a focused effort to dissolve the categories of trauma. When we dissolve the categories of trauma—break down the diagnostic silos that tell people they are this-or-that type of person—we connect with each other as humans and dramatically alter our personal trajectories. We create this outcome through experiential educational programs and wellness retreats that give people an alternative to clinical and medical interventions that have failed them.

We see that now and especially in the near future, the renewal of existing communities and the development of new ones will be sustained through
a balanced collaboration between the most advanced renewable energy technologies and the most progressive bio-synergistic ‘technologies’ that harness natural clean energy, restore, (and even improve), the natural habitat and ecosystems. True health, well-being, and prosperity arise when linear education is guided by a circular ‘hands-on’ experience of living closely with the natural cycles of the Earth and of a life in balance.




We believe the mind, the emotional/physical/energy body, soul and spirit must all be addressed for healing to occur. Scientific discoveries in biology and neuroscience have provided new data that show we can change our DNA, create new neural networks and grow new brain neurons throughout our lifetime. This is a huge revolutionary, or more to the point, evolutionary, paradigm shift in our understanding of how our bodies and minds can heal. Rather than viewing our genetic code as a fixed blueprint for our lives, or that the brain is a hardwired, programmed organ unable to adapt and change or grow new brain neurons, the sciences of epigenetics, neuroplasticity and neurogenesis have proven otherwise.

That being said, wholistic integrative treatment is not as simple as adding yoga, tai chi, qigong, meditation, bodywork or other alternative healing modalities to an established program. Nor is it merely refocusing a wellness plan to identifying the root cause of the trauma and then offering a limited scope of therapeutic modalities, primarily focused on cognitive behavioral and talk therapy. Wholistic, integrative wellness treatment is science-based and requires that equal attention be given to each aspect of the whole person – mind, body, soul and spirit and our connection to nature. 


Whether it’s an intimate gathering or large event, 4Winds offers spacious venues, local cuisine, quality service, surrounded by breathtaking Sunlight Mountain and Thompson Divide as a backdrop, an ideal setting for a unique and memorable event. Contact us for available dates.