4Winds Farm


4Winds provides guests with a full range of services for their gatherings or events, unique wellness experiences, private chef and excursions to explore the farm and the surrounding locally-inspired activities.



We believe the time in now to re-awaken innate human potential by activating the integration of organic intelligence with linear knowledge through experiential education programs that included hands-on outdoor programs.

4Winds creates a bridge between circular and linear thinking through hands-on outdoor eduction programs that inspire and foster critical thinking about the role, effects and use of technology in our modern world.



Whether it’s an intimate gathering or large event, 4Winds offers spacious venues, local cuisine, quality service, surrounded by breathtaking Sunlight Mountain and Thompson Divide as a backdrop, an ideal setting for a unique and memorable event. Contact us for available dates.


Our Classes 


Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong Qigong

Integrated Qigong, Tai ji and Shaolin Gongfu


Yin Yoga


Pathways to Healing