1.) to reclaim something that has been lost, forgotten, or taken.  


At 4Winds, recovery is rediscovery. When we strip away the dependencies and distractions of our modern lives, we rediscover our whole selves, tap into our natural capacities for healing and the sustaining energies of the natural world, and see beyond whatever self-limiting diagnoses we carry with us.


Here, you will find the physical and mental space to reconnect with the natural world and their own natural gifts. 4Winds uses integrative modalities of treatment that engage the mind, body, and soul deeply and all at once — fostering a sense of wholeness, deep awareness, and a spirit of gratitude for the natural gifts with which are innately ours.


With patience and openness to this process, we become a more natural and whole version of ourselves. We walk with a newfound sense of balance in any direction throughout our lives — because we’re supported by the deep connectivity we feel with everything around us.


Along the way, we break down the diagnostic silos that define us. We believe that everyone is in some form of recovery, whether or not it conforms to typical definitions or diagnoses. So we recover and rediscover together, knowing that while our needs may differ, our investment in each other is the same. We learn from one another’s paths and make unforeseen bonds. We see each other in brand-new ways. We see ourselves in brand-new ways.


When we achieve this together, we become aware that we are never actually alone.



linear thinking - circular being  

One of the most important concepts that informs our practices and priorities with 4Winds is linear vs. circular thought.
Both are powerful, innate capabilities we share as humans, but today’s modern culture tends to prefer the linear
often to the detriment of human vitality and social capability.  

When we talk about linear thinking, we’re referring to straight-line goal orientation. To many of us, this feels satisfyingly
practical and targeted. But when you’re focused on the straight, confined highway in front of you, you compromise your
peripheral view which is to say that you miss most of what’s going on.

Moreover, circular being makes us aware of our true natures as thinking animals, and it allows us to learn from the environments
we occupy. The seasons always come around again. Our measurements of years and months are in fact measurements of cycles, not lines.

True connection to ourselves and to the earth requires inviting our environment in rather than pushing it away. Observing and connecting
with the natural cycles rather than artificially creating a track for humanity to go down. 




We believe the mind, the emotional, physical, energy body, soul and spirit must all be addressed for healing to occur. Scientific discoveries in biology and neuroscience have provided new data that show we can change our DNA, create new neural networks and grow new brain neurons throughout our lifetime. This is a huge revolutionary, or more to the point, evolutionary, paradigm shift in our understanding of how our bodies and minds can heal. Rather than viewing our genetic code as a fixed blueprint for our lives, or that the brain is a hardwired, programmed organ unable to adapt and change or grow new brain neurons, the sciences of epigenetics, neuroplasticity and neurogenesis have proven otherwise.

That being said, wholistic integrative treatment is not as simple as adding yoga, tai chi, qigong, meditation, bodywork or other alternative healing modalities to an established program. Nor is it merely refocusing a wellness plan to identifying the root cause of the trauma and then offering a limited scope of therapeutic modalities, primarily focused on cognitive behavioral and talk therapy. Wholistic, integrative wellness treatment is science-based and requires that equal attention be given to each aspect of the whole person – mind, body, soul and spirit and our connection to nature. 


Whether it’s an intimate gathering or large event, 4Winds offers spacious venues, local cuisine, quality service, surrounded by breathtaking Sunlight Mountain and Thompson Divide as a backdrop, an ideal setting for a unique and memorable event. Contact us for available dates.